MH, Std-10, Guidance Lecture, History and Political Science

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Hello students, By this time you must have finish reading the entire syllabus you must appeared for your terminals examination as well as prelims. This is the time for you to build your courage and identify those areas that need a lot of attention were the few instruction related to paper presentation, this will surely help you to enhance your performance in history and political science.

Let us begin with weightage of chapter in history: – In history we have got four (4) units.

Unit 1: That is Imperils comprises of three chapter 1a,1b,1c the mass allotted to this particular unit is 6 marks and marks with option is 9 marks.

Unit 2: Age of conflicts 20th century age of conflicts comprises of 5 chapters, the total marks allotted to this particular unit is 12 and the marks with option is 17 marks.

Unit 3: Emancipation of Asia and Africa comprises of 2 chapters: 3a and 3b and it carries 4 marks and marks with option is 5.

Unit 4: World after World War 2 comprises Of 3 chapters: 4a, 4b, 4c it carries 6 marks and marks with option is 8.

Now let’s move on to the paper pattern : History and political science paper is of 50 marks the written paper is of 40 marks and 10 marks have been given for internal assessment the times allotted for writing the paper is 2 hours. The very first question is based on objectives:

Q. 1(A) Is complete the following statements by choosing a appropriate alternative from those given in the brackets, it carry 3 marks you have to write the complete sentence underline the blanks and you have to avoid cancellation as far as possible. Remember students the first impression is not the last but the lasting impression, so do not attempt this questions in this. In case if you written wrong answer you have to cancelled a statement and rewrite the entire statement.

Ex. Karl Marks was a Russian philosopher.

In such case you have written RUSSIAN that is wrong answer, so cancelled this statements and write

Karl Marks was a German philosopher.

For the fill the blanks you suppose to read all textual fill in the blanks as well as extra fill the blanks.

Next question is Match the columns it carries 3 marks. Match the columns is based on Personality-Nationality, Personality-Position, Personality-Political party, Personality -achievement, Place-Importance.

Draw a table and write the answers: (1) Dr. Sun Yet-Sen. He belong to Kuomintang Party

(2) Trivet Lie occupy the first secretary general of UNO

(3 ) Vijay Bhatkar India’s first super computer that’s personality and achievements

So for match the columns again you suppose to read all the chapters.

Let’s move on question no 2. Answer each of the following question in 25 to 30 words ?

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