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Taking Tests to Remember Better and Score Higher

Studying is important because it is a part of learning. Students’ need to remember information that will be asked in the exam at the end of the year. Students should attempt to evaluate their knowledge immediately after a studying session. However, evaluation is not the only use of tests. There has been enough research done to show that tests are beneficial to students because they help to remember what they studied better.

Tests Improve Memory

When tests are added to one’s learning routine it helps in retention of what has been learnt better than studying further on the same topic. The test, of course, should be patterned around recall. In a research done by many scholars including Wheeler, Ewers, and Buonanno (2003) testing strengthens or enhances the retrieval process and reduces loss of memory regarding the material studied. Research done by other scholars have clearly demonstrated that tests provide retrieval practice, increase accessibility and increases the number of retrieval routes.

Taking Mock Tests to Score High

Taking tests for your exam preparation is an important step towards assured success. When you take a mock test you get mentally prepared to face the actual exam since the mock test is designed to be replica of the actual exam paper. Also, taking tests help you to:

1. Strengthen your long term memory

Repetitively taking mock tests helps you memorize what you studied over a longer period of time.

2. Retrieval practice

Your brain gets a chance to retrieve the knowledge that you have stored there when you had studied. This way you increase your power of memory recollection for better performance in the actual exam.

“Taking practice tests — particularly ones that involve attempting to recall something from memory — can drastically increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to remember that information again later,” Dr. Katherine Rawson said. Dr. Katherine Rawson, associate professor in Kent State’s department of psychology, and former Kent State graduate student Mary Pyc — reported the findings of a study that examined the inherent benefits of test-taking on memory.

Empirical studies on the testing effect were documented by Gates as early as 1917. Later on in 1992, Carrier and Pashler carried out a study trial to prove the testing effect theory. It was observed that learners who practiced by tests retained more knowledge than their counterparts who spent equal amount of time just studying the information.

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Regular Tests in Robomate+

Tests are available in Robomate+ app at the end of every module and at the end of every chapter. Thus, if you attempt these on a regular basis, it will help you remember all the information for a long time. After all, recollection is always better than re-reading your study material over and over again for long term memory. Furthermore, immediate recollection is far better than recollecting or testing your knowledge 7 or 10 days down the line after you have studied. This is exactly why Robomate+ app provides for immediate tests after every module.

Tests in Robomate+ are designed to exercise complete retrieval of the studied information. Since the retrieval of the same memory is tested in a bunch of different and difficult ways, the memory becomes stronger and sharper to prepare you for the actual exam when the time comes.


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