Prepare with Sustained Intensity but stop being a maniac

It is very important to prepare not only with intensity, but with sustained intensity. 100 Percentilers do not prepare with intensity in the months of May-June-July and then lose it or let it lie down in the months of August-Sept-Oct- There needs to be a consistent and a sustained intensity level while preparing for CAT and aiming at high percentile. Keep in mind that one should not overthink and overstress oneself while getting into intense CAT preparation mode.

Grasping power and background matters

Most of the 100 Percentilers complement their background and experience. For example most of the 100 Percentilers who were engineers were having a strong grasp on Quantitative Aptitude and the ones who were having B.com or B.A as their background made sure that their verbal ability was very strong. If one is a full time student one can dedicate 6 hours of preparation a day whereas working professional faces a time crunch and can opt to spend more time on weekends.

Cut the noise and prepare only what is needed

100 Percentilers in CAT do not prepare anything and everything thrown at them. They analyze the important topics, difficulty level from different topics and plan their preparation accordingly.

They don’t chase 100 percentile

Keeping the mind free is the name of the game. Most of the toppers are well rested as they approach the D-DAY. They develop a sense of joy in solving questions and puzzles without having a general thought that usually students‟ have-“I need to get X‟ percentile in this Mock or Main Exam”.

Golden Point: Tons of practice and taking the practice test early

Enough of basic questions should be solved in order to get a fair idea about a particular topic because at the end CAT is all about solving fundamental questions. After completing the basic study material 100 Percentilers focus on building up speed by giving sectional tests. Post which they actually test their understanding of the topic by solving previous year CAT questions. The next step is to attempt and analyze the mocks (spending 4-5 hours for analysis).

100 Percentilers believe in focusing on individual assessment and not comparing self to anyone else

100 Percentilers strongly believe that “one who wins is the one who thinks he/she can”. Toppers suggest, the beginners that, “The moment they believe they can do, there should be stopping and it’s all about changing the perception about themselves”

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