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Tanvi Bhogal, a story of determination and digital revolution

If the odds are stacked against someone to achieve outstanding scores in exams then that person is Tanvi Bhogal. The daughter of a peon, she lives in a noisy neighborhood, so studying at home is an undertaking by itself. Admission to an expensive coaching class was not an option so instead of choosing a mediocre alternative she decided to study by herself. If those were not big enough problems she added another challenge and is determined to be a doctor.

Tanvi Bhogal, achieved 97.60% in the Maharashtra Board SSC Examination and has been covered by major national newspapers for her achievement. What makes her story worth reading is how she beat the odds. Her teachers at Mulund Vidya Mandir pitched in to give her extra time whenever it was possible for them. Coming back from school Tanvi had to finish her homework. After that, once the noisy neighborhood had settled down for the evening she used to sit down to study till late in the night. However, many concepts in science and languages including English and Marathi were not clear to her. At this point her cousin suggested the use of Robomate+ since it has video lectures, model tests and previous years’ question papers.

Tanvi found the detailed explanations on Robomate+ very helpful because they cleared her concepts. In Robomate+ she found a study companion with whom she could learn anytime and anywhere. Sitting for hours at length to study even after school Tanvi was able to achieve the score which will now allow her to get admission to top science colleges and achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. Tanvi’s story highlights the fact that digital solutions are now taking over traditional tuitions and are viewed as a viable study option. Tanvi Bhogal, you truly are an achiever.

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