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CAT Study Plan

With just 6 months to go for CAT 2018, this is the right time to set the wheel in motion. In this article, let us see about the CAT study plan that one should adopt.

How to draft a CAT study plan?

Mainly, the study plans that an aspirant adopts must suit him. It is important for him to know his strengths and weaknesses in order to draft a plan that suits his requirements. An aspirant must try to score well in his strong areas to improve his overall score.

CAT preparation timeline:

In general, CAT aspirants must dedicate at least an hour and a half each day in the initial months. As we move closer to CAT, aspirants must try to dedicate close to 3 hours a day for CAT preparation. Also, aspirants must ensure that they dedicate time for all the sections.

RC questions depend a lot on the ability to comprehend the information given. Therefore, it is always wise to first develop a reading habit. Also, it is essential for the aspirants to get a flavour of all genres.

We can classify the preparation phase broadly into 3 time periods.

1. From May to July: Strengthening the basics

Aspirants must spend the period from May to July entirely on strengthening the basics of each topic. They must avoid rushing through the topics during this phase. By the end of July, aspirants must be through with all the basic concepts.

Ideally, aspirants should start taking mocks from May. Aspirants must try to take one mock a week during this phase and slowly increase the frequency.

2. From July to September: Building speed

Aspirants must spend the period from May to July entirely on building speed. The study plan during this week must take time factor into account. Solving a lot of questions will help aspirants to retain the concepts in memory and acquaint themselves with various types of problems that appear in the exam. The target should be to solve at least 2-3 mocks every week.

3. October and November

In the final months, aspirants must take 3-4 mocks every week. Only taking the mock tests is not going to be any value if it is not followed by timely analysis of those tests. Proper analysis helps the aspirant understand the examiner’s logic in deriving the answer, the correct approach to be adopted, and his strong and weak areas.

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