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Good Friday and Easter

Good Friday is considered as the most solemn day in the Christian calendar. On this day Jesus Christ was crucified. The date of Good Friday varies every year but usually, it occurs between 20th March and 23rd April. Good Friday is the last Friday before Easter Sunday. It is considered the pinnacle of Holy Week. Christians from all over the world celebrate this day with great humility and reverence. Easter Sunday is the end of Holy Week in which Christians commemorate the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As the date of Easter Sunday changes every year, the dates of many other Christian festivals are fixed with the reference of Easter Sunday. During the Holy Week churches are filled with flowers, hymns, and songs.

The Story of Good Friday and Easter

On Good Friday Jesus was executed by crucifixion after incredible torture, After his death, the body of Jesus was taken down and kept in a cave. On the opening of the cave, a giant millstone was set so that nobody could steal the body of Jesus Christ. The religious leaders were worried that the body of Jesus might be stolen so they kept Roman guards posted in front of the tomb.

On the third day, Jesus Christ was resurrected. This day was Sunday and is celebrated as Easter Sunday.

Good Friday is celebrated in the church at 3 O’clock in the afternoon because it is believed that Jesus died around three o’clock. On Good Friday, Jesus’ sacrifice is remembered. On this day people wear black clothes and go to church and candles are not burnt. All Christians dedicate this day to Jesus and remember Jesus Christ in their own ways, some pray, some read God’s books.

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