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The Life and Teachings of Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali’s name is imprinted in the history of the world as one of the most noble and wise rulers. He taught people to be gentle to each other and spread peace and love all around. People are often happy degrading and humiliating others. Hazrat Ali use to speak even to his enemies with respect and humility. You can find Hazrat Ali quotes in United Nations 2002 on Arab Human Development report, highlighting the need to respect and do justice. He used to convey his teachings by action not words. He used to say teaching and educating himself is the first step, before teach and educate your fellow mates.

Hazrat Ali is related to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam as cousin and husband of his daughter. Ali is ideal for both Sunni and Shia Muslims. He is the 4th caliph and was the ruler from 656 to 661.

Human Rights taught by Hazrat Ali

During the time of his caliphate, human rights were given the highest value. They were right to live, freedom of expression, right to equality (among races) and freedom of action.

Loyalty taught by Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali was very loyal to Prophet Muhammad, at a time when all were disbelievers. He said “Blessings are for the man, who earns by honest means, gives money in the Name of Allah, who can have good control over tongue and doesn’t oppress others, doesn’t add new clauses in Islam and has noble character.

Knowledge and Wisdom of Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali was possessor of immense knowledge and wisdom. People used to approach him for guidance and knowledge. He is considered as the successor to Prophet Muhammad  by Shia Muslims.  In his last teaching he said “be punctual for your prayer and fear Allah. Prayer is the pillar of Islam. So before you engage yourself in any daily activities, make sure you offer your prayer. Even during the Battle of Siffin, he offered prayers between two rows of fighters with arrows flying by around him. Even after prayers he used to do additional supplications. This proves his strong believe and surrender to the Almighty in all situations.

One of his most popular quotes is “Life has two days, one which is in favor of you, during this time don’t be arrogant and one against you, be patient, this is your testing phase.”


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