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The Life and Teachings of Vardhaman Mahavir

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated around the country with excitement and gratitude. Vardhaman Mahavir is the 24th Tirthankara of the Jainas. The life history of Vardhaman Mahaviris a valuable asset for all the people of this planet. The principles of Vardhaman Mahavir are the teachings of Jainism.

Life History of Vardhaman Mahavir

He was the son of Siddhartha, who was the head of Kshatriya people. He was born in a very rich family. He started his life normally but he was not attached to the materialistic world. He decided to become a monk in his early 30s; after the death of his parents. His soul was wandering for the truth. He struggled very hard for 12 years, being naked and homeless.

The hardship of Vardhaman Mahavir finally came to a fruitful end. He got the enlightenment. With the supreme enlightenment; he preached his faith for thirty long years. He became the life coach of youth and travel places in order to teach people. Vardhaman Mahavir died at the age of 72.

Teachings of Vardhaman Mahavir

The doctrine of Jainism is based on the principles of Vardhaman Mahavir. He taught five most important things for leading a pure life. Those are non-violence, truth, non-stealing, non-possession, and celibacy. Vardhaman Mahavir did not believe in the Vedas or rituals. He believed in love. He preached not to harm anyone by any means. He also favored the freedom of women.

KARMA: Mahavir believed that every element is a combination of material and spiritual aspects. He taught people about how the soul is linked with the Karma. He preached that the true purpose of the life is to meet the pure soul, the Paramatma.

NIRVANA: Nirvana means to attain salvation. He taught people to avoid the evils by following his five principles. Vardhaman Mahavir didn’t believe in God. He said that the man was the maker of his own destiny. There is no need to fear from God.

The Significance of the teachings of Vardhaman Mahavir

Vardhaman Mahavir made the religion simple. His teaching is not about God, it’s about the soul. His message of the perfect knowledge, perfect power, perfect bliss and perfect perception reflects the internal beauty of his soul.

Vardhaman Mahavir’s teachings are significant to this age of big data and technology. Our life is full of emotions, excitements, conflicts, and cravings. All we need is the mental peace. According to the amazing teachings of Vardhaman Mahavir, our souls will find the right path at the right time. We just have to understand the essence of his life history and his teachings.

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