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What to do in the last 10 days of AIIMS Preparation?

AIIMS is one of the leading medical institutes in India. Doctors who have passed through AIIMs have worldwide recognition. AIIMs can be cracked with efforts of the candidate and encouragement from parents or guardians. It is not a difficult task to crack AIIMS.

Prepare a strategy to appear for AIIMs in 10 days. This needs full dedication and hard work.

  • Previous Question Papers: The main key is to solve previous 10 years question paper. Few questions can be expected from the AIIMS Previous Years’ Question Paper. Solving previous years question paper helps in
    • analyzing the type of questions appearing in the exam
    • number of questions to be expected from each topic,
    • strategy to solve these type of questions
  • Shortlisting Important topics: We all know botany, zoology, physics and chemistry are the subjects in which we have to be thorough with NCERT syllabus, for few topics, you need to follow study materials and other books to score well
    • Physics: This subject is considered as the most difficult by students, concentrate on topics which are related to medicines and can find importance healthcare sector. Important topics which should be concentrated in last 10 days of AIIMS Preparation are Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Work Power Energy, Rotational Motion, Newton’s law of Motion, Close And Open Organ Pipe, Electrostatics, AC, Magnetism, Radioactivity
    • Chemistry: Here also expect questions related to medicines. Topics which should be revised are

Inorganic: Coordination compounds, read different blocks

Organic: Thoroughly follow NCERT books to electrophile, nucleophile

Physics: Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Thermos Chemistry, Solid State, Electro Chemistry

Each topic of chemistry carries equal weightage and should be concentrated equally

  • Biology: In addition to NCERT refer other books. Go for biological classification, animal kingdoms, family plant, photosynthesis, hormones, anatomy, diseases, microbes in human welfare, biotechnology, ecology, human physiology and genetics

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Why AIIMS is considered difficult?

The number of seats in AIIM is 672 and the qualifying marks are 50% for general category, OBC 45% and SC/STs 40%. When attempting questions be careful about the wrong answers. Each wrong answer can take away 1/3rd marks. Leave the question un-attempted, in case you are not sure of the answer. Make sure you score well to qualify for AIIMS. Take proper nutritious food and keep yourself hydrated. Taking care of your health is equally important, go for walks and take small energy breaks. This will help you in increasing your concentration and memory power. Take fresh air.

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Tips on the day of Exam:

  • Make sure you sleep well a day before exam, else you will sleep in the exam hall
  • Wake up well in advanced
  • Make sure the required stationery, clothes and admit card is ready at a place
  • Eat well
  • Check the location of exam center a day before
  • Be at the exam center well in advance

AIIMs is easy to crack provided you have prepared well for the exam. Keep yourself calm and relaxed on the day of exam. All the best!

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