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World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

Day: 17th May, It was first celebrated on 17 May 2006

Purpose: Raise awareness about information and communication technologies (ICT) and internet among people and control digital division.

Significance: World Telecommunication and Information Society Day came into existence after a resolution was passed by United Nations General Assembly following its submit in Tunis.

This day holds significance in telecommunications field as first International Telegraph Convention was held on this day and also formation of the International Telecommunication Union.

The current theme aims to focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to attend Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen significant progress in recent times and helps in improving education, healthcare sector, finance, agriculture, transportation to name a few.

World Telecommunication Day

This day was being celebrated from 17 May 1865 as the foundation day of International Telecommunication Union. The aim of celebration of this day is to bring awareness among people about internet, technologies and also the control digital division.

World Information Society Day

UN General Assembly decided to declare 17 May as World Information Society Day. The aim of this resolution was to highlight the importance of ICT and raise concerns about challenges faced by the information society

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

After 2005, World Telecommunication Day and World Information Society Day was clubbed together and celebrated on 17th May, based on ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in Turkey. Based on the revised resolution the member states and sector members celebrates this annual day

  • Based on the theme adopted by the council, the theme for 2018 is “Enabling the positive use of artificial intelligence for all”
  • Elaborate discussion and debate on the theme the member and the society
  • Preparation of consolidated report and the areas to be discussed at the national level of each member state
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