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Why is National Science Day Celebrated in India?

National Science Day is celebrated in India on the 28th of February every year. It is celebrated to mark Sir CV Raman’s discovery of the phenomenon of scattering of photons. This was later called the “Raman Effect” and Sir C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery in 1930. To honour this great discovery the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) requested the government to designate this day as National Science Day.

Purpose of this day

This day is celebrated across the country to teach the importance of science and technology and their implementation among the people of the country. It is hailed as one of the main science festivals of the nation every year.

There are several purposes which are fulfilled with the celebration of National Science Day every year. These include:

  • Imparting the message of the significance of science and technology in the daily life of the common people.
  • To deliberate on the implementation and issues with new technologies that can be used for the development of science.
  • To highlight the efforts, activities and achievements in the field of humanitarian science and technology.
  • To encourage more people about the science and popularise it among the people of the country.
  • To provide a platform for the scientific minded citizens of India to discuss and deliberate on various topics.

When was National Science Day first celebrated?

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) requested the government of India in 1986 to declare 28th February as National Science Day. The first was celebrated National Science Day on 28th February 1987.

Since then every year this date is celebrated with great fervour among the scientific minded people of the country. Each year, there is a new theme that is selected to encourage debate and deliberation about different topics related to science and technology.

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Activities on National Science Day

There are many activities that take place across the country in schools and colleges on this day to help encourage students to become interested in the different fields of science. National as well as State Science Institutions also demonstrate their latest findings and research done on various topics and fields.

The celebration of National Science Day also comprises of screening of science movies, exhibitions relating to the designated theme of the year. There are talk shows, radio shows, public speeches, quizzes and debates organised by the various science institutions. Students and other scientific minded people can also take part in live projects, research and other scientific demonstrations such as night sky watching.

The theme for this year

The theme for this year’s National Science Day 2019 is ‘Science for people and people for science’.

The theme for National Science Day 2018 was “Science and Technology for Sustainable Future”. The topic is very important for the current situation as we are facing an increased danger of exhausting our perishable resources.

The focus has shifted to using science and technology towards harnessing renewable energy sources that can help to reduce pollution and prevent the depletion of the limited resources that we have. The development and research towards sustainable sciences is the main concern for scientists across the world.

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