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New in College! What to look forward to?

So now you have successfully completed school and are raring to join college! There may be mixed feelings of excitement, anxiety, curiosity and eagerness to experience a whole new way of education? Understandably so!

There is a world of difference in school and college. Some good and some even better! As your cross this threshold, here are some of the changes that you with experience!

No worries about reaching on time

Your school routine was a strict time-clocked schedule. College routine is flexible and you will find yourself much more relaxed with timings!

Cool hangouts

You set out and make new friends in college and simply hang out with them not only in the college campus, but also in ‘student’-friendly cool hangout places! Some of these places are legendary and associated with each college for generations! The vibes that you feel here are simply inexplicable!

Usually no homework

There is little or no homework in college as compared to the bundles of homework that you had to struggle through at school. There will be assignments though and you will need to submit these on time, but they are much lesser than those at school, surely!

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You WANT to go to college

The charm of college is such that you would want to go there regularly. It is not mundane or boring as school can get at times, there is so much activity happening all around! Cultural events, extra-curricular, inter-college events, and of course studies!

You have to manage your own time

You will find a lot of spare time at hand when in college. You manage your time, without your parents or teachers doling out it for you. They are your goals and plans to work out for yourself.

No Teachers. Only Professors

This sounds cool and believe me, it is! They are there to teach you, but it is you who will have to reach out to them when you need extra help.

No Assemblies and no Uniforms

These are the most exciting and obvious changes from school in college. But surely no one is complaining, right? In fact, dressing up is an integral part of college fun.

Every experience in life is unique and the times gone by will never come back. So, while you cherish the growing-up years in the school environment, enjoy the freedom and the first step towards independence and self-management, essential skills that you will learn in college.

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