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How to deal with exam results Anxiety: Tips for parents and students?

If you have ever wondered how to deal with exam results anxiety, these are tips that could help you deal with it better and more efficient.

Imagine that you are waiting for exam results and while you are having exhausting experience of nervous shakedown, especially, when you are expecting that you children will match the expectation, however, you should know that it could be a negative point of view. Stress is a normal thing before the exam and it could give you a boost, however, too much stress could make you feel blocked and therefore you can miss the exam. We decided to provide you with tips for parents and students that will help you deal with anxiety:

For Parents:

Don’t expect too much from you children

Every parent has unrealistic expectations, however, in some cases, you should be realistic. Even if your children are not the best students in the class, you cannot expect that everyone should be top in their class.

Don’t discuss it frequently

You must show your children that you are with them no matter what happens. In that environment, we can expect that your child will feel less stress and therefore it will complete the exam without any pressure from you. The idea of the exam is stressful enough; you don’t have to show your own frustrations.

Don’t compare your child with others

Even though, our nature is telling us that we should compare each other because that is the way we can succeed, in the mind of a child that could be a disturbing moment filled with pressure. The idea is to acknowledge your children’s possibilities.

Support is important

If you have in mind that old and traditional way with strict ideas is good, think again, and because today world has changed and according to that, you shouldn’t make your children scared you. Tell your children that you are with them whatever happens. That means that you are going to be supportive even if it fails to reach the desired result. If you are not supportive, your children will be afraid of you and that could lead to more serious problems such as lying and you don’t want that at all because it is not a progressive method.

For Students:

Self-criticism is important, but self-correction is indispensable

Just stop judging yourself and try to change something instead of just thinking that you are not good. None exam is the last exam, so if you start improving everything could be changed.

Talking is something that should keep your self-esteem.

The first thing that you have to know is that your grades are your grades, and your parents have nothing to do with them. That means that when you fail, you are not failing them, so be responsible and talk to them and tell them what your main problem is so that you could find solutions together. Whatever grade you get it is not the end of the world and everything can be changed even grades.

Tell yourself: “Okay, now I reached my minimum.”

You don’t have to be afraid of bad results because all successful and smart people reached a point in their life when they had to improve themselves. Think of it as a reason to improve yourself and to reach better heights.

Show everyone your seriousness

Sometimes, people around you see only bad things and things that you are not doing well. You must show your parents that you really want to improve yourself and ask them to assist you in any way they can.


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