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Robomate+ – The Science Behind Making of the Online Study App

Is it easy for Mahesh Tutorials, a reputed coaching class, spread all over India to make a product based on education? Robomate+, the online study app has the best teachers and professors who have been teaching for years. It may seem easy to record their lectures. Students can rewind and revisit the lectures at will. Add a few tests and we have the best online study app.

Well most of the above is true in a way. Robomate+ definitely gives you the advantage of learning from the very experienced professors of the famous Mahesh Tutorials in the comfort of your home. These expert tutors have used their experience to design the lectures. They have also formulated the questionnaires which are used as end of module tests and end of chapter tests in Robomate+. However, the whole process of teaching students through a software based platform is easier said than done.

How does Robomate get you to learn?

To create effective learning material is not as simple as recording lectures. We all know our famous back benchers. Some of us have even been in that club. The attention span of these students is minimal and they are easily distracted. According to many international studies the average attention span of young adults is usually 5 to 10 minutes. This is the amount of time you can hold a student’s complete attention before he is distracted by something.

Complete focus is necessary in the learning of anything. According to the cognitive load theory (around which reputed international universities design their learning material), memory is divided into three parts – sensory memory, working memory and long term memory. For any information to move from sensory memory or working memory into the long term memory the learner must pay complete attention to what he is learning.

How to Memorize What You Learn Better

Online Study app does away Short Attention spans

That is the reason behind the short 5 to 7 minute lectures in the online study app. The lectures have been designed to explain each concept thoroughly. If a student gives Robomate+ 5 minutes he would have learnt one concept thoroughly.

Animations have been added to the interactive boards on screen to keep the student engaged and aid the student in understanding the concept better. Seeing scientific concepts in action along with hearing how it works helps us to memorize it better. Our working memory can handle both audio and video inputs expertly without being overloaded unlike taking in information from only one sensory organ. Only listening or seeing will get you tired after a while. If you are learning with both your audio and video sensors i.e. ears and eyes simultaneously you get more information into your brains. This way you are able to memorize information better.

It is an everyday phenomenon for us to see our children glued to the television watching cartoons and serials. It is easy to conclude that animation can do the job of teaching students. In that case why do we need a teacher in the video?

Research has shown that teacher presence is very important even if it is on video. It motivates the student to pay attention to a lesson in any online study app. A human in the video certainly increases engagement. The teacher ties student engagement, the lesson, and the learning outcome together.

How to learn and train better by reducing cognitive load

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Test everything – the testing effect

There is the well-established psychological effect called the testing effect that advocates an early test of multiple choice questions. It makes sure the memory of any learnt information is embedded in the long term memory. The forgetting curve propounds that as the time gap between learning and testing increases, the chances of forgetting what was learnt increases.

That is why as soon as a module or chapter ends, Robomate+, the online study app presents you with a test. The tests are prepared by expert teachers with years of experience and designed in such a way that the memory of the module will be well embedded in your brains.

Taking Tests to Remember Better and Score Higher

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