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Robomate+ Studying Without Boredom Revising with Ease

Robomate+ a Must Have for Students

At some point in time, we all have dreaded the exams and found the names, facts and confusing dates very mind-boggling. Long syllabi used to cause tensions that seemed to pervade everything we did. It seemed there was no escaping the pressure.

The young new generation has better options. It is common knowledge that parents normally lament at the new fancy that has caught children and teenagers alike – smartphones and personal electronic gadgets. Parents often feel that these are additional distractions and cause deviations from concentration in studies amongst students. The good news is that the two seemingly different things, studies and technology can be linked. This is the smart solution in the form of study apps.

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Technology for studies

Study apps like Robomate+ can be a student’s true study companion. Easy to download and intuitive to use, this is a study app that can empower the students with the know-how of the syllabi in many subjects.

It is engaging and interactive

The app consists of friendly and short video 5-7 minute tutorials and explanations. Simply speaking, a complex topic is broken down into bite-sized visual modules, each explained in an interactive and compelling way as if it is a personal tutorial. The best part is that the video can be played again and again, at a convenient location and pace.

The content in the app is mapped to the academic curriculum, packaged in an indigenous manner. The look and feel are very appealing, especially to the youngsters. The liberal use of vibrant colours and innovative animation really do lighten the study experience, making it more enjoyable.

Storytelling all the way

Unlike the seemingly boring textbooks where the information is in long textual paragraphs to pour over, a story format is used well to weave information in a way that has the power for the better understanding of concepts and higher memory retention.

With short attention spans that often make students lose interest in class, this tech assistant helps drive the same in a friendly way. The app is a smart alternative to expensive and time-consuming tuitions as well. This saves a lot of time for students, as they also save commuting time. For female students, this is a boon as their safety is also not compromised by switching to Robomate+.

There are evaluation tests as well

Students dread when the teacher decides to assess them, often finding it hard to absorb all the information. Robomate+ can help here too. There is a short, interactive test to assess the students’ learning after every sub-topic. If there are any doubts, one can simply go back and clarify them again. In addition, there’s Performance Analysis to help identify the weak areas.

Social media for study

The best part about Robomate+ is the online study groups that can be formed. The study groups help create healthy peer circles, where information can be shared and positive competition nurtured. Such learning can become fun.

Robomate+ provides many courses. The various courses provided are MBA, CBSE, ICSE, the Maharashtra State Board, CAT, CMAT, CET, various other college entrance exams. Robomate+ is a smart solution that synergizes study and play in perfect harmony for high academic performance.
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