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How to Use Study Apps as Revision Tool

At this time of the year, when the students are about to appear for their boards in less than 2 months, most of the self-preparation would have been done. With most of the schools and junior colleges conducting pre-board exams, students would have read the prescribed course material thoroughly.

Certain aspects of the course cannot be relegated to plain self-study or even with coaching centres, some concepts are best understood with reiterations and self-paced learning. What if at this time students could make sensible use of technology to check their preparation levels and clarify their doubts? In the world of tech-savvy teenagers, tech can be their best teacher.

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To learn by seeing and interacting!

Technology for education and learning is becoming quite popular and successful. Interactive learning apps like the Robomate+ Android study app is a boon for students. They have the options of clearing their doubts and testing their skills, without having to travel and waste precious time in these crucial times.

Self-paced learning with a personal teacher!

The study apps for class 10 and class 12 have online tests available for the students that will help them check their level of preparedness for the upcoming board examinations. There are guidance lectures in various series for a number of topics that have been designed by experts in the corresponding curriculum, and these lectures explain the more confusing concepts in easy-to-understand video presentations with practical tips. It is like having a ready tutorial at the play of a finger, as and when the student wants to watch it. Study apps for class 12 and class 10 like Robomate+ can help the students to learn by playing the videos again and again.

Practical experiments simplified

For SSC, Science Practical tests are often confusing. The lab setup cannot be replicated at home easily and it is not practical to try and go back to the school lab to reconduct all experiments. There are videos available in the app that show step-by-step how these practical experiments are conducted which can be like a live walkthrough or a demo for the students.

Replace tiring text with colour and motion

When teenagers about to appear in their board exams feel distracted and bored when reading the same textbooks again and again, these study apps for class 10 and 12 add a fun quotient to learning in a constructive way. It’s trendy and therefore a smart way for the last-minute preparation for boards.

An effective tool after all

Education is now undergoing a phenomenal change and smartphone penetration amongst youngsters is facilitating the emergence of more learning apps. Technology for education and learning is an engaging way to keep the fidgety teenagers engaged. Interactive learning can increase concentration on bewildering concepts and video visuals can stay in memory longer then reading typed texts. Thus, the study apps can be used as effective revision tools for testing your understanding of the various subjects and also to improve in areas that need more understanding and practice.

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