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Things you will miss about school when you go to college

While college is all about freedom and excitement, school-life has its very own charms. Our school life is the longest stretch of our academic life. Other than your childhood bum-chums, here are a list of things that you would dearly miss when you leave school and join college.

Morning prayers

“Dear God, Thanks for another beautiful day and help me be positive throughout the day, Amen”. Usually, the short school prayers that are taught to us since our childhood tend to last in our memory forever! The morning prayer assembly that seemed to be a mandatory burden during school days, is what you will miss in college, believe it or not.

Lunch time

Lunch time in school was all about exchanging your lunch boxes to eat that yummy food of your best friend. Home-made lunch made our school time delicious. This will be especially absent for students who choose to study in colleges away from their hometown.


The play-time or recess is another major school-days hangover. The recess is one of the favorite periods of students in the entire weekly time table. The college playground will be nothing like your school playground since colleges do not include “recess” in your time table and it is only during your free time that you can make use of the playgrounds there.


While during school days, you always wished that you didn`t have to wear that dorky school uniform, you will miss this when in college. For one, the school uniform carries a lot of nostalgia with it and secondly you need to step up your closet significantly for your daily college wear (without the fear of repeating the same clothes too often)

PT period

Physical Training or Physical Education period in school might have seemed like a curse to you back then (especially when under the wrath of the hot sun), but it did help you keep fit. When college curriculum will leave you with no free time to include your exercise schedule, you will realize the importance of that infamous PT period when on a weighing scale!

Knowing everyone in class

School environment is more homely than the college one. Normally, every kid knows the entire class strength on a one-on-one basis and even the other section kids. However, college ambiance would seem more stand-offish than the school one. You are more likely to keep to your own formed group than knowing the entire class.

Teachers who actually knew your name

School teachers will always be special and more close to your heart than their college counterparts. College teachers usually are more formal and keep to their business when compared to the school teachers who knew every kid on a first-name-basis.

Taking a day off when sick and not worrying about it because parents did the worrying

Sick leaves were not even the remotest of the problems in school but colleges always fret about taking unwanted leaves and are very strict over dutiful attendance. If you do not have enough attendance in college you might have to pay penalty or you will not be allowed to attend the examinations. School just needed parent’s signatures in your diaries and that was it!

Birthdays of classmates

The sweets/chocolates distribution during birthdays in school can be rated as very special. This goes amiss in college where you are supposed to act all “grown-up” and not go distributing chocolates to everyone.

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