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Tips to Balance Your Study and Play Time

Striking the right balance is what most people are unable to do, when studying for important exams. Play time and study time are both equally important for a student`s overall output. Human brains are not designed to study non-stop like robots, hence they need their break-time too.

Given below are some tips as to how to balance your study and play time to get the best of both.

Be organized

Make a schedule of your daily routine, on a weekly or monthly basis whatever suits you. Making a color coded calendar helps you spot the different schedules with ease. However, also be flexible to include your cravings and spur-of-the-moment decisions. It is important to know what you cannot change and what you can control with a little adjustment to the prepared schedule.


This is an important tip to keep you going at all times. In your head, you should be clear as to what deserves more priority in your life at that very moment. For example: Weeks before exam, even if your heart is craving for one short run of your favorite play-station game, your head must prioritize studying over playing because of the time crunch.

Know Your Time Wasting Habits

You are the best judge of your shortcomings and drawbacks. You should be aware of those habits of yours that are a threat to your study time. Once you have confronted yourself and accepted your weak links, then work on rectifying your mistakes.

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Manage Stress

To stress is human! So do not worry if you are suffering from frequent stress bouts because even the toppers in your class do that. What you should focus on is to beat the stress. Do not let the stress bog you down and spoil all your hard work. Go out for a quick run, put on your headphones to groove to your favorite song or quickly read few pages of your favorite novel to freshen up your mind. Different people have different ways of calming themselves, so you can do your own thing to manage stress.

Knowing When to Take Breaks and When to Get Back to Study

Taking breaks come easy but what is difficult is to get back to studying post the break. This is very crucial since you will land up wasting a lot of time if you do not go back to studying on time. So, keep a close watch on your watch and pre-determine your break time.

Last but not the least, while you study, make sure you jot down points and take notes. Also, do remember that breaking away completely from your study schedule often may not help you at all. Keeping your study area free of distraction is yet another tip to concentrate better.

Keep going because you can do it!

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