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Tips and Tricks to Crack VITEEE 2018 in 15 days

VITEEE is an Engineering Entrance Examination conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, one of the prestigious engineering colleges in India. Each year around 2-3 lac candidates appear for VITEEE 2018 to secure a seat in VIT. You might be wondering that if I would be able to make it into the top to secure a seat with just 15 to 20 days left for preparation. I say you can you just need a decisive strategy and dedication for preparation.

Paper Pattern of VITEEE 2018

First of all, let’s find out the VITEEE 2018 pattern to identify your best personal strategy to make it to the top.

All the questions in the VITEEE 2018 will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

There will be 125 questions.

Each question will have equal weightage.

Maximum Marks for each question will be 1.

Lucky in VITEEE 2018 there won’t be any negative marking.

Different Sections in the VITEEE Paper

There will be four sections in the paper





Each section excluding English will have forty Questions. And the English Section will have 5 questions the first 3 questions will be Comprehension type questions based on a short passage and the last 2 questions will be of Grammar and Pronunciation.

All the other 3 sections of VITEEE 2018 will follow the syllabus made by the exam authority which is at 12th Board level.

With the exclusion of few minor topics, they follow topics and the same syllabus as your board while concentrating few topics. In Mathematics the Integration and Application of Integration chapter have some integration of functions (eg. ∫ sinn dx and ∫ cosn dx).

Read the syllabus for once before you start your preparation. If possible pen down the syllabus for VITEEE 2018 in a bright chart sheet along with check boxes beside each topic and paste it in your room. Use it to mark your progress so that you don’t waste time preparing too much for a single topic.

Focus on simple topics and fundamentals. Make them your weapon against VITEEE 2018 as many small simple topics can 30 to 40 percent of question paper which you might miss if you concentrate on the big topics alone.

And you might already have prepared for the big and hard topics for your board and topic you already understand, just solve questions of them and don’t waste time to studying them again.

Consistency is the key in cracking VITEEE 2018 so solve questions as much as possible.

Give equal amount time for all of the subjects, grab your 12th notes and revise it thoroughly.

Use free online mock tests seriously, they will be really helpful to access your preparedness.

At a maximum only give 2 to 3 hours for each subject a day and after completion of determined syllabus for the day do a revision at the end of your study session.

Finally don’t freak out while preparation and study with a calm mind.

All the best for VITEEE 2018.

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