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All you want to know about Aerospace Engineering

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace is a branch of Engineering that deals with designing and building those machines that fly. This is one of the latest branches of engineering involves the designing of Aircraft, Gliders, Jet Planes, and Helicopters as well. Aerospace Engineering also includes the design and development of Spacecraft. Students of Aerospace Engineering usually implement concepts of Maths, Science, and Technology prior to entering in the field of creation of Aircraft and related equipment.

Aerospace Branch of Engineering majorly includes Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Additionally, it also focuses on new technologies in Aviation, Defense Systems, as well as Space Exploration. Aerospace Engineering offers its degree for both Undergraduate and Post – Graduate students. Aerospace Engineering jobs have options in between the research and development, testing or maintenance. Also, these engineers are now learning to use computer-aided design software for plans. Experienced Aerospace Engineers usually investigate Aeroplane and Helicopter crashes and the malfunctioning of relevant parts.

Eligibility –

In India, several technological universities including IITs offer the Aerospace Engineering Course for both at undergraduate and post-graduate –

For UG (Under-Graduate): The candidate must have passed 10+2 examination from any recognized board whether is CBSE or Any State Boards with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their main subjects. The candidates should also fulfill minimum 60% marks in total aggregate.

For PG (Post-Graduation): The candidate must have a B.Tech degree in Aerospace branch with a minimum passing percentage in the aggregate of all subjects studied at undergraduate level.

For Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy): For this course, students must have to hold a master degree in the relevant field.

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Courses for Aerospace Engineering –

There are a lot of courses available to enter into the Aerospace field. For it, you must have to get the Bachelor Degree or Master Degree or Advanced Diploma if you’re want to make your dream career after passing 12th with PCM group. Here, we’re enlisting the top Aerospace Engineering Courses –

Undergraduate Courses: Four-Year degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech).

Master Courses: Two-Year (Maybe Three Years For Some Institutes) Master Degree of Aerospace Engineering.

Ph.D.: Three-Year Degree (May Vary For Some Institutes)

The scope of Aerospace Engineering –

When the world is moving towards modernization, it is designing the state-of-the-art satellites and space shuttles. So for implementing these tasks, it is needed proficient persons to design these when the demand for space shuttles and rockets are exceedingly increasing for the commercial purposes. Hence, after the entry of private sectors in the Aerospace Sector, the opportunities are continuously increasing for the Aerospace Engineers.

There are many opportunities for the Aerospace Engineers where they also get the opportunity to work abroad in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) like space centers as astronauts. Besides, Aerospace Engineers have the great opportunities to work in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), and Military & Defense Departments as well.

Subjects in Aerospace Engineering –


Aerospace Propulsion

Aircraft Propulsion

Aircraft Design

Aerospace Structural Mechanics

Flight Mechanics

Incompressible Fluid Mechanics

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Spaceflight Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Propulsion

Skills Needed For Aerospace Engineers –

Science and Mathematics – Using scientific rules and practices are needed to solve problems.

Speaking and Writing – These are needed to communicate effectively with the audiences.

Time Management – Managing one’s own time and the time of others is the part of great skills required for an Aerospace Engineer.

Reading Comprehension – To understand the work-related documents, it is necessary to understand the paragraphs with the sentences.

Critical Thinking – It is needed to reach up for the solution after using the logic and reasoning.

Operations Analysis – For analyzing needs and product requirements for design, it is a necessary quality to have in a qualified Aerospace Engineer.

Coordination – When you work with the team, it is important for making a great coordination with all members of the team.

Decision-Making Ability – When you come to relative cost and benefits of the particular project, it is necessary for one who wants to become a great Aerospace Engineer.

Job Description –

After the completion of the Aerospace Engineering Course, students get many opportunities to work in various space agencies of the country as well as of the world. They design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles with their parts like wings, various instruments, landing gear, control systems and others. Apart from these work, Aerospace Engineers also write the technical reports and manuals and give presentations to managers and clients. They also create prototypes, models, and computerized images for the particular designs. Aerospace Engineers, also determine costs and expenditures for the financial budget of that project.

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