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Types of Engineering Careers in India

The engineering sector is one of the popular fields among the students. You’ll have heard that engineering career is a constant love affair between men and their machines. Engineering Graduates have numerous job opportunities available and their career path is based on the field of their interests where they’re interested to work. Some engineering branches are high-paid and in the huge demand as well. Here we are going to give you the various Types of Engineering Careers available in India for students to choose as their dream career –

1. Aerospace Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

Aerospace Engineering has become one of most demanding courses after the advancement of technology. Earlier it was known as “Aeronautical Engineering.” This branch of engineering deals with the designing, construction, development, and maintenance of all types of aircraft. Usually, Aerospace Engineers also design and test satellites, air & space vehicles and missiles. Aerospace Engineering is divided into two categories as Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering.

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2. Agricultural and Food Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

India is the second rank holder in the crops production. Also, India is the 2nd largest country with over 1.25 billion population in the world. So the need for food in the country is huge and with the advancement of technology, there’re the great opportunities in the field of Agricultural and Food Sector. Apart from these, India exports its food to many countries as well hence the production of Food increases in the country drastically. Therefore, to make a brightened career in Agriculture and Food Engineering Sector for the students it is great.

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3. BioScience/ Biotechnology Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

Biotechnology Engineering is derived from both Biology & Engineering for research & development. This is one of the best courses for the students to choose as their own career. Biotechnology Engineering is a combination of Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Microbiology. This field of engineering is applied in the Agriculture, Energy Production, Disease Research, Pollution Control, Eco-Conservation, Animal Husbandry, Medicines, Fertilizers and other sectors.

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4. Chemical Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

In the branch of engineering where identification & its technical glitches and solution of the chemicals are studied. In this branch of engineering, a process of converting raw materials and chemicals are converted into other useful forms. Chemical Engineers plan and operate facilities and they design new processes & products as well.

5. Civil Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

A Civil Engineering deals with the construction of buildings. Mainly Civil Engineers design and build the highways, schools, hospitals, airports, bridges, tunnels and other commercial construction work. Civil Engineers are offered very lucrative salaries by the construction companies. The most beneficial part of Civil Engineers is that they can pursue their master’s degree during their job.

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6. Computer Science Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

Nowadays, Computer Science Engineers are considered as one of the most high-paid professionals in India and United States as well. India is the most growing country in the IT Industries as most of the IT Companies are located here and their offices are also located all over the world. These companies appoint talented Computer Engineers every year in these offices as well. Hence the career in IT Industry for Computer Science Engineers in India and abroad is great to choose as best.

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7. Electronics Or Electrical Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

Electronics Engineers are who design and develop the communicating and broadcasting electronic appliances. These engineers are also known as computer hardware engineers as they’re brains behind Laptops, Mobiles, iPads and other electronic devices. While Electrical Engineers design, develop, and test the electrical equipment during the manufacture of electrical products. They work to design and develop the electric motors, and radar & navigation systems. Apart from these, Electrical Engineers also design the electrical systems of automobiles and aircraft.

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8. Industrial and Systems Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

Industrial and Systems Engineers work in any industry and they get a high paid salary. These engineers help the companies to eliminate the wastefulness of the materials during the production process. Hence they determine that how efficiently work is performed during the manufacturing processes.

9. Mechanical Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

The automobile industry is huge in India and world as well. Mechanical Engineering is a well-known field in engineering. Graduates in Mechanical Engineering work as Industrial System Engineers in manufacturing field of automobile industry. Hence there are numerous opportunities available for ME Graduates in the world. ME Graduates has the great skills, creativities and practical abilities to design, manufacture and maintain each kind of mechanical device. Mechanical Engineers are also in the huge demand in the robotics, defence, and aerospace industry.

10. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

Metallurgical Engineers are employed in the manufacturing and refines of metallurgical products. These engineers are hugely placed in the various government and private sectors. This is a vocational course and during the course, practical knowledge is also gained which is required for this industry to get a great remuneration.

11. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers are basically employed for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the marine vessels. Naval architects also are also known for the damage control rules and safety regulations that meet the statutory and non-statutory requirements. Marine Engineers and Naval Architectures usually work from their offices where they use the computer software to analyze their projects as well as for designing solutions.

12. Textile Technology – Types of Engineering Careers

Textile Engineering is one of the most popular branches of engineering where textile production, processing and it’s compatibility is studied. In this field of engineering basic principles, specific textile equipment knowledge, and processes are included as well. There are the wide scopes available everywhere for the Textile Engineers.

13. Pulp and Paper Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

Paper branch of engineering includes the conversion of raw materials into paper products. It deals with the thermal, chemical and biochemical which are drastically employed to design and manufacture the paper products. In this field of engineering manufacturing of cardboard, pulp, and other paper oriented materials are also included.

14. Polymer Science and Technology – Types of Engineering Careers

As the use of plastics has increased, the scope for a lucrative career in plastics and polymer technology has increased hand in hand. Plastic products are widely used in almost every sphere of life ranging from transport, electronics, health, communication. It owes its popularity to low cost and high durability. Polymer technology is a wider field where you learn how to manufacture polymer so as to produce different types of plastics as well as other types of polymers. Plastics are lightweight, durable, corrosion proof yet strong. Hence, they are being increasingly used in a number of different industries. A specialist in plastics and polymer technology can thus find a number of job openings.

15. Ceramic Engineering – Types of Engineering Courses

Ceramic Engineering is a vital part of everyday life. It is used in Aerospace Industry, Dentistry, and Switches are also made up of ceramics. Ceramic Engineering deals with the creation of products from inorganic and non-metallic materials by using heat. Ceramic Engineers work for the processing of the natural raw minerals and synthetic materials which are used to make ceramics.

16. Mining Engineering – Types of Engineering Careers

Mining Engineers are vital for any mining project. Before starting any mining project, they study the environmental feasibility in that place and they also pre-analyze the commercial advantages of the particular projects. After the completion of the projects, they manage all the technical planning by using complex computer software.

17. Pharmaceutics Engineering & Technology – Types of Engineering Courses

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world where medications have become a necessity for the people. Pharmaceutics Engineering & Technology branch deals with both biology and biotechnology to design, develop, and manufacture the pharmaceutical drugs. India now produces around 70% medicines of the globe which is almost double from China. With the constant demand for medicines in the country and outside career in this sector is brightened for the students who wish to enter in this engineering sector.

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