How to Study Inorganic Chemistry for IIT JEE Mains & Advanced Exams

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How do you study inorganic chemistry?

And is there any secret technique or ways to be good at it?

How many times do you recommend, we should revise NCERT at this stage?

Ashish Waikar AIR 7 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017)

You have to revise. One book which you should study is NCERT. You must rote memorize it. Mainly […]

How important are NCERT Books in IIT JEE Main & Advanced preparation?

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How important are NCERT books in the preparation for JEE? JEE Main & Advanced

Shubham Goel, AIR 6 (IIT JEE Advanced 2014)

I feel that the NCERT books are good, but whether they are relevant for JEE Advanced depends upon the subject we are looking at. So for chemistry in general – including inorganic chemistry, I think […]

Things You Can Take and Cannot Take in the JEE Main Exam Hall

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Are you ready to crack JEE Main Exam 2020? JEE Main exam is the popular engineering entrance exam in India. JEE Main exam is here. Hope you have collected your admit cards which were made available a few weeks ago. JEE Main 2020 exam is scheduled from Jan 6 2020.

Aspiring engineering and architect students would have prepared […]

How To Prepare for JEE Main in the Last 10 Days

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India is the land of opportunities, A lot of professions are in demand nowadays, Medical, Engineering, Fashion etc. Engineering is one of the major professions adopted by the students of India. India also owns some of the Best Engineering Institutions in the world. The premier Indian Engineering Colleges are 23 IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) […]

How to Prepare for Boards and JEE Simultaneously

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Question by JEE Aspirants:

Students who are in class 12 have to face Pre-Boards, Board Exams, then there is JEE Mains just after that and then there is JEE Advanced.

Students have pressure to do well in boards and get a good rank in JEE Mains, and perform well in JEE Advanced too.

Will I get a good […]

Is it better to study for IIT JEE Main and Advanced early in the morning or later at night

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Sarvesh Mehtani, AIR 1 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017)

Till the syllabus was completed, I used to study till late in the night to study for JEE Main and Advanced Exam. And after that it used to be fixed and I studied for almost 5-6 hours. During revision, I didn’t study at night because the exams are in […]

How many Hours to Study for IIT JEE Main & Advanced Exam by Toppers

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Ashish Waikar AIR 7 (IIT JEE Advanced 2017)

I neither had a fix time table nor number of study hours to study for JEE Main & Advanced Exam . I studied what I felt was required to be covered in a particular day. Some days, I would study for 3 hours and other days for 4, 10 […]

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