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Hello dear students we are going to do chapter number six and economic signed the name of the lesson is food security in India let us quickly go through the index the first thing we shall study is the introduction towards this lesson the second thing what is food security who are food insecure what is hunger what are the different food security measures the flaws in the food security system the role of cooperatives in food security the suggestions for improving public distribution system and we shall end the lesson with the beautiful story of a food secure ahmad so here we go well my dear children in our national song Vande Mataram India is described as suphalam a land of abundant fertility where we can grow enough food grains to feed millions of people not only in India but also across the world also in a national song India is described as sujalam which means the land of abundant water but even then today in India we are facing food crisis let us go back to the times when India went through the Second World War My dear children during the second world war India be experienced a severe  food crisis leading to a sharp rise in the prices of food grains so during the world what happened is the supply of food grains dropped in the market and that resulted in an increase in the prices of food grains again in 1943 the Bengal  province faced a serious famine we’re nearly 35 lakhs people died of starvation the partition of India in 1947 Aggravated  the food crisis in our country My dear children before 1947 this was called as the Punjab province it was a region well known for wheat production then came the partition of India which resulted in the birth of a new nation called Pakistan after the partition a large part of Punjab went to Pakistan and a small part of Punjab remained in India thus the partition of India aggravated the food crisis in our country in order to tackle the situation the government undertook measure called  the food  security measure so let us understand what is food security first of all my dear children food is as essential for living as air is for breathing but food security means something more than getting 2 square means the food and agriculture organization has defined for security as food security is ensuring that all people at all times have both physical and economic access to basic food they need now what do you mean by physical access it means the food is within reach of every person what is economic access it implies that an individual has enough money to buy sufficient safe and nutritious food well my dear children food security has following components the first availability of sufficient quantity and good quality food this depends on number one the full production within the country it also depends on the previous year stock stored in the government granaries and third  it also depends on the food imports the second thing which is equally important is that enough purchasing power to acquire food now when I say purchasing power it implies that an individual has enough money to buy the food now this depends on the household income and the food prizes prevalent during that period the third of food security measure which is very important is the timely and long-term supply of nutritious food forth maintaining a buffer Stock what is a buffer stock it means a reserve of food grains now this is especially needed so as to take care of natural calamities we’re in the results shortages of food.

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