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Std-11, Commerce, Organization of Commerce, Ch-8, Nature and Significance of Management, Module-08

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Kids, let’s see the next module, explain the various levels of management. Now, management exists everywhere, remember. It’s universal. Management is required in every organisation. Size of the organisation may not be the same. Some are small, some are medium and some are large. So, style of management for different scale is different. Management of small organisation is simple and the management of a grocery shop is also simple so, than management of the bank or a car manufacturing company. So, in a large scale organisation management is complicated. So, therefore it is done by making different parts, all levels of in the organisation. Now, levels are made according to the size and requirement of the organisation. So, usually there are three levels, do remember, right. Three levels of management, top level, middle level and the lower level that is supervisory level. You can see in front of you, a pyramid, top level, middle level and the lower level, right. Now, who works at the top level? Let’s see, board of directors, right, managing director, CEO that is Chief Executive Officer. Now, what work they do at this level, let’s understand. So all these people work at top level, we decide the objectives and goals of the organisation, we frame the plans and the policies to achieve these objectives, we see that the policies are properly implemented, we create various positions to do different activities, we also appoint leaders, right, at the middle level of management and give them directions to carry out different, different activities, we evaluate, we check the performance of various other different departments at the middle level.

Now, let’s check middle level. Herein, correct, who works, right, head of the finance department, head of IT department, head of HR department. Now, what work they do? Let’s check, we link, right, they are connecting link between the top level and the lower level of management. They understand the policies of the top level, top level whatever the policies they make, middle level understand and they make it more simple so that the lower level again understands. We decide the plan of action in the department to achieve the targets given. We assign specific duties to the staff in the department. We help top management to coordinate the activities of various departments. We train people from the department to carry out the different activities in the future. We appoint lower or supervisory level staff.

So, now we come to the lower level that is supervisory level. Now, what these people are? Let’s see who are they? They are supervisor, they are foreman and superintendent, right, kids. Now what work they do? Let’s check, we get the instructions from the middle level, right, and they follow them accordingly. We assign the works to subordinates. We give instructions and direct subordinates to complete the task or the job. We guide them, right, wherever it’s required or necessary. We look after the maintenance of machinery, equipment and tools. We solve the problems and settle the disputes among the subordinates, right, disputes or some misunderstandings. We conduct quality check of the product or service from time to time.

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