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Std-11, Commerce, Organization of Commerce, Secretarial Practice, Ch-1 Secretary

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Hi, kids, we are going to learn new subject called Secretarial Practice. Something about the gentleman standing next to me and let’s see now, the first chapter Secretary.

The first question, explain the meaning and the origin of secretary. Now, the profession of a secretary dates back to the early days of human civilization. It is going on from many years. What, the profession of secretary. You can see very, very early days of human civilisation. In ancient time kings, right, kings, ministers and wealthy landlords. Now, what’s common between all of them? They all are very rich people, wealthy people and very busy people. So, they used to appoint a person called secretary, to help them, right kids, do remember that. The secretary used to look after their personal and confidential matters. So, let’s check an example given out here, right. You can see the boss seated on the seat here. ‘I request you to keep these documents safe in your custody’, boss says this to the secretary. And what the reply is coming from secretary, ‘Sure sir, don’t worry about it’. That means what the secretary keeps everything in custody, safe, right kids. So, the secretary used to provide advice and guidance on important matters to his boss, why, because he is very wealthy and busy person. So, obviously only those persons having qualities of intelligence, discipline and loyalty were appointed as secretary, correct. That means if you want to become a secretary, you need to have a quality of intelligence, discipline and loyalty.

So, let’s see the word Secretary, where do we get from Latin word ‘Secretarius’ which means a confidential officer. All the confidential matters are with him or the person to whom confidential matters are entrusted, right, that is given in trust. Kids, check out this, the person standing next to me, everything secret with him. Check the spelling very carefully secret-ary means secretary. Now, let’s check out, how we got and what they were called in different parts of the world? In Latin civilisation they used to call him as Secretarius, right, and in Roman Empire, they were calling him as Scribae, the person who writes communication on behalf of kings, ministers or very wealthy landlords. And now, Ancient Indian Civilisation, they were calling him as Amatya, Sachiva, Chitnis.

I hope so, kids, these all things are very simple to remember.

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