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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in a Board Exam

Most common mistakes in board exam happen due to panic and stress. The students should go to exam center with confidence. Here are the common mistakes in board exam

Late Arrival for a paper: Students should be 15 mins before time to the exam hall. Arriving late for the exam hall creates panic and students stress-out and the mind blanks out.

Not Reading the question paper: Board allots 15 mins to read the question paper. Students should gracefully read the question paper and marks the questions which he or she can write better. Students should organize the thoughts and manage their time during the exam.

Skip Questions: Do not attempt the questions which consumes time and which you are not sure-off.

Leaving Question Unanswered: Try to attempt most of the questions. Attempting a question can fetch your atleast few marks. But make sure that you don’t write unnecessary statements which can irk exmianer.

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Diagrams: The diagrams are self-explanatory which helps in evaluating students understanding of the subject. It is always a good idea to draw diagrams wherever applicable but at the sametime the answer should reach the word limit.

Mismanagement of Time: The time required to be dedicated on each question is a tough task to decide. First answer all the questions which are easy and quick to answer and then move forward to attempt the questions which are difficult to answer. Always try to answer the questions which take less time and you have good hold over it. Do not elaborate the answer more than required. Write important points and try to add headings and subheading which eases evaluation of your paper and increases the chances of getting good marks. You can allocate the time for each section and make sure you meet the deadlines inorder to attempt all the questions and get a good score. When you start answering the question, make a framework of the points to be included in the answer. The flow of contents should be appropriate and a preplanned answering is important.

 Copying incorrect data: Most students out of panic or hurry fail to read the question paper correctly. The answer might be correct but to the question which is not in the question paper. And in few cases there will be error in tallying the answer. By the time you realise the mistake it will be too late. Ultimately you will loose time and marks. So concentrate well before reading the question paper.

 Handwriting: This is very important; your paper should be neat without any scratches and a clear hand writing which the examiner should be able to read without any hindrance. The writing might not be good because you will be in a last minute hurry to complete the paper or you simply ignore. Make sure you make the paper readable, examiner will not put any extra effort to understand the text you have written.

Rechecking of Question Paper:  Many students fail to recheck the paper due to lack of time or ignorance. Sometimes it may happen that you write incorrect roll number of other information which is very important. If time permits check the answers for correctness or accuracy.

Leaving Exam Hall Early: Utilize the complete exam time to write and self-eve late the paper.

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