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Courses and Streams You can Choose after 10th

As soon as you are done with your tenth standard board exams, the next hurdle comes along. That is of choosing a definite stream for the next two years. This decision is extremely crucial as it will also decide your career path. The courses you choose will narrow down your subjects of interest and hence should be chosen wisely.

It is always better to identify your areas of interest in the school days, so that you can choose the relevant courses for 11th and 12th.

Parents are advised against forcing children into taking up courses that they have no interest in. They will do it halfheartedly and it may spoil their career in the future.

The broad classification of traditional courses after tenth standard are as follows:

1. Science without mathematics:

If your area of interest covers Biology, Chemistry or Physics, this is what you should choose. Future prospects of this choice includes doctor, pharmacist, chemist, biologist, physicist, nurse, etc.

2. Science with mathematics:

All aspiring engineers walk down this aisle since mathematics is the key to this specialization. Other future prospects include mathematician, physicist, chemist, polytechnic jobs, consultancy, etc.

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3. Commerce:

If economics is your best friend, then commerce is what you are looking for. Also, it is to be noted that most people tend to do an MBA post any specialization or degree these days. Hence, if you plan to do that in future anyway, it is wiser to go for commerce from the very beginning instead of draining your brain in something that you would not pursue later.

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4. Arts:

From literature to history, every non-science and commerce subject comes under this category. Future prospects of this choice include academic lecturer, journalism, mass communication, advertising, etc.

Diploma courses after tenth:

You can also take up professional courses after 10th standard. Many colleges offer engineering (civil, computer, mechanical, chemical, automobile, marine, etc.) as well as non-engineering diploma courses (fashion design, food technology, garment technology, architectural assistantship, etc.) that can be pursued soon after your 10th standard.

Consult a Career Counselor

You can also consult professional career counselors who can help you figure out your future in a better way. For everyone it might not be possible to be informed about careers that may do well in the future. So taking the right decision of a career choice may be difficult. Career counseling will help you.

Decide What you want.

The most important thing is to ask yourself before you decide your course of action is : what exactly do you want in life? This is the fundamental question that will guide you through your future. No amount of advice from anyone will prove fruitful unless you yourself identify your interest. From acting to cooking, it can be anything and for that you have to choose your subjects/courses wisely. Take this phase to be the turning point in your life and take a decision that you won`t regret in the future.

All the best!

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