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Children’s Day Speech

Greetings to All! We all have been a child and our childhood memories still linger in our mind. It is the best phase of one’s life. We still cherish our beautiful moments of the childhood and Children’s day give us an opportunity to relive the childhood again.

I am here to highlight the importance of children and about Children’s day celebration. Children’s day is not restricted to the territory of India People across the globe celebrate children day, each country celebrates it on a different day but most countries celebrate it on 1st June and 20th of November as Universal Children’s Day. In India, we celebrate children’s day on the occasion of the birthday of Chachaji, our first prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.  His love and affection for children was known to all. His two favorite things were children and roses. Although he was the prime minister of India, he still use to find time from his busy schedule to spend time with his beloved companions, the children. They use to fondly call him chachaji. One of the famous quotes of Jawahar Lal Nehru says Children are like rosebuds in the garden. Like the flowers are to be taken care to blossom, so are the children. They have to be taken care well as they are the future builders of the nation. Parents and teachers play an important role in modeling the career of the children and so is the nation.

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Children’s day is the gentle reminder to all the adults which draws attention towards the children about their rights. The children have the right to education, happiness and parents love. Children should not be forced for child labor or child marriage which is illegal in the country Children are forced to work under unfavorable environmental conditions which has adverse effects on the human body. They are made to work for petty amounts to support the family for food at a small age. The children are forced to lead an adult responsible life and falls prey of drug peddlers resulting in drug abuse, child abuse, alcohol, sex labour, and violence. Chachaji use to love children equally irrespective of their gender. Legal action is taken against the parents and the organization which forces the child into labor and takes away their right for education and childhood.

Children are the invaluable assets of the nation. Love, affection, and opportunities can help in getting the students educated and increase the country’s economy. The new talents should be allowed to blossom. On children’s day, various activities and events are carried out to encourage children to show their skills and brighten up their Career prospectives. On this day, you can expect the following activities in the premises singing, drama play, dancing, essay writing, storytelling, speech, quiz competitions, etc.

Have a great day ahead!

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