All you want to know about Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering is all about electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It is a vast field which is sub-divided into different fields such as electronics, microelectronics, digital computers, computer engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, etc. They utilize the equipment ranging from voltmeter to a high-end analyzer. Being an electrical engineer is a challenging job and the candidates are […]

How to learn Maths Easily

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Often students assume subject Maths as one of the difficult subjects and are afraid to solve a maths problem. Maths is an inevitable subject which will be taught throughout the school and also in graduation, although the difficulty level may be different. In reality, Maths is an easy subject provided you learn all the formulas […]

7 Study Apps for High School Students

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The advancement in technology has helped in improving the learning and teaching ways. There are a number of apps which provides detailed, notes, flashcards, practice paper, quizzes, and other materials to prepare students for the board exams and competitive exams. Here we present to you the 7 study apps for high school students

1. SimpleMind – […]

Children’s Day Speech

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Greetings to All! We all have been a child and our childhood memories still linger in our mind. It is the best phase of one’s life. We still cherish our beautiful moments of the childhood and Children’s day give us an opportunity to relive the childhood again.

I am here to highlight the importance of children […]

All you want to know about Computer Science Engineering

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In the initial days, computer science was being taught as part of maths and engineering subjects. This subject later has emerged as a separate engineering field. A Computer Science Engineer is skilled in programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware. They also have basic knowledge of electrical engineering, mathematics, and linguistics.

Computer Science has been […]

Ohm’s Law

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Ohm’s law is the biggest part of the Electricity class 10 NCERT solutions. Probably, an important section that all class 10 students should understand the concept perfectly.

Georg Ohm, a Physicist from Germany published this law. He discovered that electricity pass through resistor, which is directly proportional to resistor and voltage.

Ohm’s law indicates the potential difference […]

Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist from Germany stands as the strong foundation to the modern physics. His theory of relativity is the pillar of the physics. He is also known as a great philosopher.

Einstein is revered universally for his theories and equations. The three major works include,

  • Einstein Field Equation
  • Theory of the relativity– the […]

8 Tips on How to Focus on Studies and Get Ready for Exams

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Studying for hours on end is not necessarily productive. However, learning for a small duration, but with concentration is much better. The main aim of learning is to grasp concepts and information and remember it. If you try to learn without understanding, you will end-up trying to memorize chapters, which is really not easy, and […]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes in a Board Exam

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Most common mistakes in board exam happen due to panic and stress. The students should go to exam center with confidence. Here are the common mistakes in board exam

Late Arrival for a paper: Students should be 15 mins before time to the exam hall. Arriving late for the exam hall creates panic and students stress-out […]

Best Time to Study: Day or Night?

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When is the best time to Study?

When is the best time to study for your brain? It’s one of those extensive discussions among all students; is it better to learn during the night when it is quiet or in the day when there is a lot of activity? Each side has its particular faithful supporters […]

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