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How to Support Your Children During Exam Time?

2017-04-18T04:54:35+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , , |

Exam time is the most stressful period in a student’s life. From covering the entire syllabus to following the right pattern to obtain maximum marks – students are perturbed to an extent incomprehensible to most parents. You as a parent need to understand that they need your support. How can you help them? We discuss […]

Robomate+ Studying Without Boredom Revising with Ease

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Robomate+ a Must Have for Students

At some point in time, we all have dreaded the exams and found the names, facts and confusing dates very mind-boggling. Long syllabi used to cause tensions that seemed to pervade everything we […]

How to Use Study Apps as Revision Tool

2017-04-18T04:54:46+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , |

At this time of the year, when the students are about to appear for their boards in less than 2 months, most of the self-preparation would have been done. With most of the schools and junior colleges conducting pre-board exams, students would have read the prescribed course material thoroughly.

Certain aspects of the course cannot be […]

How to support your Child Before and During the Exams

2017-04-18T04:54:47+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , , |

Exam time is near and many students have started studying for their exams specially the ones who are appearing for the boards. However, some students find it hard to sit down and study. This is usually due to anxiety which comes from expectations. These expectations may be their own, their parents – that is you, […]

10 Tips to Help Your Children Get through the Exams

2016-11-30T06:56:52+00:00 Categories: Blog|

Board Examinations challenge the sanity of the best of performers! By far, be it a top rank holder or a moderate performer; examination pressure piles to a magnitude he/she might not have very much anticipated. Most often, a little help from you can assist your child get back on track; and the sooner […]

10 Best Career Options after 12th

2016-11-30T06:53:48+00:00 Categories: Blog|

There are several career options after class 12; none of the courses mentioned herein are I the order of popularity. We insist that there is no hierarchy in the career one chooses for himself/herself; it is an account of the passion!


This career option is purely for those that opted […]

6 Questions That Will Help You Choose the Right Career

2017-04-18T04:54:48+00:00 Categories: Blog|

Choosing the right career is both crucial and important in today’s competitive and unforgiving society. The right career nurtures your innate abilities and reaches your life to the height you desire and deserve. While choosing your career after higher secondary ask these significant questions to never regret your decision!

Primarily, ask yourself […]

06 Tips for Parents of Students Taking the Board Exams

2017-04-18T04:54:48+00:00 Categories: Blog|

No matter how well-performing and focused your son/daughter were all through his/her life; board exams exhibit your nerves straining at a whole new level. Is he/she reading the right books? Are teachers justifying their end of the bargain? Could the question paper get more difficult? Those crucial marks that alone can ensure a […]

How to Prepare for ICSE Class 10th Board Exam?

2016-12-06T14:15:55+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , , , |

The ICSE exams are round the corner and here are some tips to help you while preparing for the ICSE board question papers.

  • How to Prepare for ICSE Physics Paper:

The total marks of the exam are 100 that include 80 marks for the external exam and 20 marks for the internal assessment. The duration of […]

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