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Tanvi Bhogal, a story of determination and digital revolution

2018-06-09T14:27:49+00:00 Categories: Blog, SSC|Tags: , |

If the odds are stacked against someone to achieve outstanding scores in exams then that person is Tanvi Bhogal. The daughter of a peon, she lives in a noisy neighborhood, so studying at home is an undertaking by itself. Admission to an expensive coaching class was not an option so instead of choosing a mediocre […]

5 TOP Engineering colleges in India that are NOT IIT

2018-05-17T09:46:43+00:00 Categories: Blog, Engineering, JEE MAIN, Parents, Students|Tags: |

Engineering is one of the most favorite career options today’s youth is choosing after intermediate. Though the IITs have gained national fame, getting through the entrance exams for them requires rigorous hard work. Since the past decade, there are many private and deemed universities that offer engineering courses that are claimed to be even better […]

How to Make Study Timetable for CBSE Class 9

2018-05-24T07:48:57+00:00 Categories: Blog, CBSE|Tags: , , |

Class 9 CBSE is a crucial year in the life of any student. Usually, the results of Class 9 CBSE does not compare to the importance of the board exams but the preparation for Class 9 CBSE forms the foundation for the classes that follows. Hence it is the right time to strengthen your foundation […]

The Life and Teachings of Hazrat Ali

2018-04-06T11:04:24+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

Hazrat Ali’s name is imprinted in the history of the world as one of the most noble and wise rulers. He taught people to be gentle to each other and spread peace and love all around. People are often happy degrading and humiliating others. Hazrat Ali use to speak even to his enemies with respect […]

The Life and Teachings of Vardhaman Mahavir

2018-04-06T11:02:56+00:00 Categories: Blog|Tags: , |

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated around the country with excitement and gratitude. Vardhaman Mahavir is the 24th Tirthankara of the Jainas. The life history of Vardhaman Mahaviris a valuable asset for all the people of this planet. The principles of Vardhaman Mahavir are the teachings of Jainism.

Life History of Vardhaman Mahavir

He was the son of Siddhartha, who was […]

How Can Students Form Good Habits to be Successful in School

2017-12-12T12:48:37+00:00 Categories: Blog, Parents, Students|Tags: |

Why Should there be Good Habits for Students

Your habits speak volumes of your nature and indirectly predict your success or failure in life. Inculcating good habits is something that will take you far in life. Parents always try to teach their kids good habits from an early age. The habits that are instilled in you […]

How to Prepare for CA CPT in the Last 10 Days

2018-06-05T07:13:43+00:00 Categories: Blog, Students|Tags: |

If you have landed here believing that you can crack CA CPT by studying for it in the last 10 days then upfront it should be stated it is highly unlikely. It would be very unfortunate if you haven’t even started preparing for the CA CPT Exam. But read on maybe you will still be […]

5 Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions Easily

2017-11-30T10:57:20+00:00 Categories: Blog, Parents, Students|Tags: , , |

Since most of the entrance exam patterns give you Multiple Choice Questions, you need some tips for answering Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). While some of the questions are real easy, some of them are designed to confuse you, with similar options. Writing essay questions are easier when you know the answer, but MCQs are the […]

Defining Your Fears instead of Your Goals

2017-11-21T13:05:54+00:00 Categories: Blog, Parents, Students|

Face your Fears

To overcome your fear, you must know of them first. Defining your fears is very important before you plan to get rid of them. Remember, your fears will always get in your way, if you do not even try to overcome them. The very next step would be to attempt to face your […]

5 Best Parenting Books For Parents of Teenagers

2017-11-15T15:17:01+00:00 Categories: Blog, Parents|Tags: |

Parenting is no easy job, especially when your little kids turn into teenagers. The teen age can be a rough period for both the kids as well as parents since both the parties have a tough time stepping into each other`s shoes. Even though their behavioral change is totally hormonal in that age, parental guidance […]

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